Work happens. From either side of the employment fence, you'll need the help of a great recruiter.

How great that recruiter is depends on an ability to divine that single best candidate from the typical waste of skin whose largest career accomplishment is the exaggeration of their own skills on a resume.

Meet Ken Loyd, a master communicator whose clients are known for their relentless pursuit of talent as a means to leverage their brand. The Cheesecake Factory, 1-800- Flowers, Jamba Juice, Acapulco & El Torito Restaurants, Design Within Reach and more. They know Ken for his tenacious and creative style, and his aggressive yet careful approach, all of which centers around a relationship Ken considers sacred.

A relationship that's built on a foundation of trust and knowing. Ken packages his work as a brilliantly executed marketing campaign rife with values, skills and a host of compelling direct marketing tools targeted to reach a select audience. Less becomes more and the process becomes enjoyable for employer and employee alike.

That process is designed around Kens title of Chief Listener. Hes the guy who asks those poignant questions that make you say I never thought of it that way.... Hes the recruiter that listens with the intent to understand, not just hear. Hes not the typical recruiter who sounds like he got his training at AAA Aluminum Siding and Worm Farm.

Ken measures his results by deposits in an emotional bank account. The feel-good that comes from knowing hes delivered rapid and precise results and knowing the best candidate isnt always the most expensive candidate.

Experience it first hand, he answers his own phone. Have a free sample of his attitude. Go for a test drive in the vehicle he drives to work everyday. Get religion and learn why people call him over and over again. Have funafter all its only work if youd rather be doing something else.


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