After a long career in retail operations, development and franchising Ken came to a fork in the road and took it. His last performance review indicated his weakest skill was recruiting. Knowing otherwise, Ken took that as a message.

He joined a large search firm and quickly realized their model was based on a statistical mantra of: "Make a hundred phone calls, something will happen." Recruiters took "job orders" that might as well have finished with: "...and for 99 cents more I can super-size that order for you."

The fork in the road that led Ken to recruiting took him to a road less traveled, a road he would create for himself. No longer did the house get a share of every placement. Now fewer transactions earned a similar income. Fewer transactions meant more time for individual attention, more resources, more candidates and more results for his clients.

Ken added a big dose of technology to his model for efficiency then combined that with creative marketing. Now cold calls are cool calls and Ken earns his title everyday listening with the intent of understanding, not just hearing.




Ken's transformed the role of recruiter from super salesman to a knowledge based solution provider. He manages a huge database of over 50,000 names, numbers and email addresses nationwide.

You'll find his foot prints in the offices of Veggie Grill, Zoe's Kitchen, The Cheesecake Factory and El Pollo Loco. Ken's work spans the enterprise in operations, finance & accounting, HR, marketing, franchising, real estate, construction, IT and all those titles that begin with C and end in O.

He's built a solid reputation of only working on interesting assignments. Ken has a unique ability to sort the wheat from the chaff - whether it's identifying small emerging brands, turn-ons vs. turnarounds or old brands being reborn - Ken's on top of the latest and greatest.

That same sorting works for clients in Ken's skill of recognizing candidates whose biggest accomplishments are the exaggerations on their resume.

No matter which side of the employment fence you're sitting on, employers and candidates alike will revel in a process that's professional and not pushy.

Working with Ken means you'll also be giving back. A percentage of every Ken's business goes to HOLA. He's passionate about education!