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Work Wisdumb: Time for a little reflection as on August 1st I began my 20th year of executive search. Egad; you would think by now I would have learned better but I'm still having fun.

I'm blessed, it's the job I was born to do and not unlike the rest of my accomplishments I all but stumbled into recruiting.

In the last performance review of my last "real job" (Operator for Williams-Sonoma/Pottery Barn) my boss told me my weakest skill was recruiting. So with the promise that I would work on that, I promptly resigned and spent the next 14 months at a large contingency firm learning more of what not to do than what to do.

What goes around comes around, I began recruiting during a recession with double digit unemployment numbers. It was a great way to build some big shoulders and exercise my marketing muscles. And now, some 20 years later it's deja-vu all over again.

So first and foremost, a big thanks to my boss at Williams-Sonoma for the inspiration that stirred my contrarian thinking and the "I'll show you..." that led me to where I am today. And an equally big thanks to the now defunct contingency firm that showed me the ropes (most of which would have ended up around my neck had I not taken the independent/boutique path I now occupy).

But most of all, thanks to all those magnificent corporate soldiers who took my call and listened to my pitch, who referred me to their colleagues and who taught me the nuances, buzz words and pitfalls of the restaurant and retail industries I call home.

Okay, enough about me. Time to live up to my title of Chief Listener. Call me and tell me how I can help you, your business and your career.

1-800-Ken Loyd (536-5693)

Gigs...Stuff is brewing so get ready and polish up that resume. Be sure to include a full address and don't rely on spell check to tell the difference between their and there or complain and compliant.

Director of IT ... It's a highly confidential search for a restaurant company based in Texas. I'm looking for leadership more than just managing the bits & bytes. Tech skills are important, but I'm more focused on that vision thing and people skills. VP potential for a real player!

Controller...CPA/MBA/SEC/SOX and any other applicable three letter acronyms would be welcome.

A resume in Word or PDF format begins the process and as always I promise they'll never go anywhere without your prior knowledge. My email link is below and be sure to link up with me on LinkedIn too.


Cool Concepts:: This months missive takes us all into uncharted waters with a mobile BBQ truck and a "one-of" brand in a relatively crowded category. Check 'em out!

Kogi BBQ is an L.A. based mobile BBQ truck that serves a hybrid of Korean BBQ and everyone's Mexican Food favorites. The food is great, the rent is cheap and they can pop up where ever their customers are. Thirty minute waits and long lines are common. Watch this concept...

Protein Bar Chicago is the brainchild of an L.A. native relocated to Chicago. I was without a camera when I visited, so be sure to visit the site and pay special attention to the Nutritional Information as the calorie counts are low. Is this what the smoothie craze that began 10 years ago was supposed to be?

For your summer reading pleasure I strongly encourage you to pick up a copy of Primal Branding -- sure to be all the buzz (if it isn't already) as we reinvent the role of marketing in our new economy. Recommended to me by Wendy Harkness, VP of HR for Checkers.

New to Newz..? if this is your first exposure to my pithy missives, welcome to my world wide web of work. I'm an executive recruiter for the restaurant and retail industries. My clients run the gamut from coast to coast and you'll find my placement footprints in marketing, technology, franchising, development, human resources, operations, finance and the occasional title that begins with C and ends in O.

1-800-Ken Loyd (536-5693)

Now, get back to work...!



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