Recognition for being ethical...?

You would probably be amazed at some of the things I hear given the business I'm in. I've heard it all, and then some -- talk about too much infomration -- sheesh. But I was shocked when a read 12 lines in Nation's Restaurant News.

A survey by the Society of Human Resource Management and the Ethics Resource Center has revealed (hold on...) that "...nearly half of human resources professionals surveyed believe ethical conduct is not rewarded..." Well of course it is, you're rewarded for being ethical by being allowed to keep your job.

Granted, only 426 people were surveyed and only 22% responded -- hardly a good sample; and NRN only gave it 12 lines. But what are we saying here? What's happened to our standards? Have we lowered the bar so low we're comparing our ethics standards with a lindy-dance at a pig roast? And what about that Enron thing? Didn't we learn anything from that?

This is so silly I'm not going to spend a lot of bandwidth talking about it. I'll just remind you to watch "Stand And Deliver", the story of the math teacher, Jaime Escalante, who got kids from east El Lay schools to prequalify for college math classes. Jaime's tenet was:"The students will rise to the level of expectations of the teacher."

Of course, this is only my opinion but it's one I value highly.


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