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Work Wisdumb: Interviews are for wimps ...Regardless of which side of the employment fence you're sitting on, job interviews can be a colossal waste of time. Too much time, energy and effort is centered around what has been done while the real need of learning what needs to be done lands near the bottom of the conversation.

I'll remind you that this dysfunctional process began with a resume -- a document whose birth was designed to determine who not to hire. Typical interviews become a task akin to bringing sand to the beach and the perfect storm of creating familiarity only occurs as a happy accident when the alignment of the stars and planets is just right.

The first proof in the pudding of familiarity's power comes when mutual acquaintances are discovered, and with some luck there's a synergy to those relationships and the associated job tasks. But the conversation still needs nurturing to keep it on track for what needs to be done, otherwise it's just a walk down memory lane.

Finding that familiarity should begin with a clear description of what needs to be done and how success is measured. Include a little about the available tools and resources and give the candidate a chance to demonstrate how they would go about achieving your desired result.

You'll learn how a candidate communicates, how they interact with teams, other departments and vendors -- in short, you'll learn how they work and how well it matches not only your desired results but your culture as well.

It means more work for both parties and you'll both be operating from a different place albeit a place you've both been before. Interviewing is like dating and if you think of it as a process of building a relationship and trust on a foundation of familiarity...the marriage will last a lot longer and be more productive.

Next month: How to answer a headhunters call...

And now, for something completely different...

If it were music, by now it would be on the oldies station -- but I'm reminding you to revisit these pages or download the digital version to your portable music player. Pay special attention to the chapter on Synergy and Valuing the will help you make one.

Gigs...visit the Gigs link on my web site for a full list of who/what I'm looking for. Current searches include positions in Franchise Sales, Information Technology...and a special opportunity for Multiunit Operators.

Operators For Equity... There's an abundant supply of money from private equity willing to become franchisees and a loathsome absence of operators required by franchisors to insure their Area Development Agreements held by private equity groups are fulfilled physically and financially.

If you're anxious to work for more than a paycheck and can bring a few people to the party then quit reading this and give me a call or send me an e-mail!

If you're a franchisor whose franchisees need ccess to human capital for their infrastructure then do the same or forward this to your Area Developers.

It's a new program and there's incentive pricing to help you and your franchisees get started -- but all the same value add services I'm known for still apply including my one year unconditional guarantee.

Cool Concepts...upscale is on the upswing, so if you don't fit into last months organic or ethnic category your meal ticket better include words like angus or asiago. Here are my picks for this months Cool Concepts. Get in touch if you have a favorite worth featuring.

Pink Berry : it's the natural evolution of yogurt and affectionately known as "crack berry" here for it's highly addictive qualities.

Tender Greens : Fresh, fast & affordable with most entrees at ten bucks, there's a line out the door almost every night.

Bear Rock : Think of it as Panera on steroids, their new "After 4" menu doesn't require an "After 6" wardrobe.

O'Naturals: you don't have to be left coast to be natural...this one has huge international and non-traditional potential

Sadly, I haven't seen anything exciting in the retail space in months...lets hope the recent power of consumer spending will fawn the birth of a new brand.

In the meantime, let me know if you see or hear of anything exciting.

A note from the author... My world revolves around relationships and the niceties of networking. And I'll make a safe bet yours does too. So...who do you know, even if they're not looking, that might benefit from the insight of my 15+ years of placing middle and senior level people just like you?

I've placed people with Daily Grill, Marie Callender's, Mimi's Cafe, Farmer Boys, Jamba Juice, Rubio's, Johnny Rockets and retailers like 1-800-Flowers, Sylvan Learning Centers and Design Within Reach...maybe you're next?

Forward this to a friend and expect a little karmic kredit to show up in your emotional bank account. And if you're a first time recipient, learn more about me at the web site shown's time wel spent!

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