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Work Wisdumb: Six myths that will keep you unemployed ...The job market is dynamic and the road rules change about as often as cabinet members at the White House. Here six myths that need to be dispelled

1. Resumes should be one only page. Hah! If you haven't done enough to fill two pages with interesting and quantifiable accomplishments make the font bigger or narrow margins -- better still; get busy!

2. Interviews without an opening are a waste of time. If your interest is genuine, you'll probably at least get a sit-down. It's good practice and an opportunity to build your network of relationships

3. If you haven't heard back, they're not interested. Follow up is key to managing any project, and your project is getting a job. E-mail, voice mail, snail mail -- call 'em back and remember branding "me" is key.

4. The most qualified candidate gets the gig. it's more about "fit," how you work, communicate and your place on the team. Skills can be taught, but style is in your DNA.

5. Salary negotiation isn't an option in today's world wide web of work. Guess again, just remember salary isn't always paid 100% in cash and you might have to actually earn your compensation with results.

6. Times are tough, take the first gig you get. Assuming the IRS hasn't tapped your phone it's best to be selective...but also realistic; look beyond the bucks and review #4 above.

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Next month: Headhunter Ethics (aka: Another version of Jumbo Shrimp?)



Gigs...September was a busy month and I'm anxious to finish the year with a big bang...and no, I'm not a member of the National Rifle Association...

Omniscient Operators... Two live searches are underway (CO & Mid-Atlantic) for a "Cool Concept" featured here and soon to be a "Hot Concept" for NRN. It's the CPK of the burger business -- but the average unit volumes are higher at nearly $3M. The kitchen is relatively simple and the food is outrageous. If you've been a DM or RM and are ready for full P&L responsibility and full control of your destiny then look no farther.

Accounting with Answers... Two count 'em, two positions for those Accounting Managers & Assistant Controllers ready to leverage their leadership, strategy and vision beyond the world of debits & credits. Both are high growth brands with phenomenal management teams and clients I've placed with before. CPA's & MBA's desired, but not necessarily required.

Dr. of Construction... Yet another of my "Cool Concept" finds is about to embark on a west coast expansion. The details are still being determined...and you should be equally determined to update your resume; this one will go fast. Buckle up bucko!

Other non-published gigs in process -- be sure to check in with me if only to update me on your whereabouts and whatupto's. |

1-800-Ken Loyd (536-5693)

Cool Concepts...There's an argument to be made that maybe I've lived in Kalifornya too long; yet I remain an omnivore (I eat everything). But my waistline led me to Zen Palate.*

Vegetarian with a soothing interior -- fresh, affordable and highly roll-out-able. There are only two locations as of this writing but the interactive map has my home state highlighted...okay, so when?

Brain Food... My list of Cool Concepts this issue is light, but I'm always heavy on the inspirational reading stuff and found this little ditty on my last visit to the bookstore.

Dave is doin' it up big time with a great tome to leadership in the new millennium; just read the chapter titles and tell me you can't resist buying it!

You know you're cool when... You're featured in this little missive or when the PE firm of Howard Shultz invests. So goes the story for Pink Berry.

Maveron has invested in this (dare I say?) yogurt concept whose 33 locations are mostly franchised...but it's my guess they'll shift to a company owned only model now that the cash is in the coffers for expansion. Watch this brand for a location near you...and start working on the anti-addiction treatment; you're gonna need it!

If your business fell into fall and it looks like you might need to wiggle out of winter, give me a call and let's connect your career with something that's fulfilling, challenging and rewarding.

Even if you're a happy camper, there's not better time than when you're employed to plant the seeds of a relationship!

1-800-Ken Loyd (536-5693)

Now, get back to work...!

*their spelling, not mine...


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