The Value of Values

We've all heard it a million times: "Great candidate, good technical skills.  But she just didn't fit."  Fit is defined as the often sought and seldom realized magic that occurs when chemistry clicks.  Granted, I took psychology pass/fail -- but after ten years of recruiting I can tell you chemistry is all about shared values.

Freud, Jung and a myriad of other wizards have written reams of psychobabble about shared values.  There's a veritable cornucopia of tests and profiles designed to manifest those core values we all hold near and dear to our hearts.  But as most of you already know  I'm a less is more kinda guy.  Simple is good.

I don't mean to deprive you of the opportunity to forget your #2 pencil or sit in a plastic chair designed for a nine year old, but it's time for a test.  I know you're living in dog years these days so I've comprised a list of 15 values that pretty much cover the gamut of emotion.  Pick the five that are most important to you and see how they compare to those of your peers, significant others or your crew at the local pub. 

I'm sure they're all important, but let's focus on the top five  One rule: NO JUDGMENT.  Today's top five aren't necessarily tomorrows.  Review the list in three to six months or after some significant life changing event like taxes, divorce, get the picture?  Oh yeah, don't forget: have fun!

Here's the list:

friendship location enjoyment
loyalty security power
achievement prestige self realization
independence expertness service
family leadership wealth

Of course this is only my opinion but itís one I value highly.

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