Interviews are for wimps

I've borrowed a line from Michael Douglas's character in Wall Street and replaced "lunch" with Interviews.  If you're interviewing, as a candidate or an employer, you're cheating yourself and wasting time.

The agenda for both parties behind the interview is a chance to create familiarity.  Employers want to hire people they know can do the job (that's why they hire people they've worked with before) and candidates want to know just what is the job at hand.  Pardon my southern colloqualism, but it's time for you both to come to Jesus and quit interviewing and start letting people demonstrate how they work.

Instead of defining what you want someone to have done, why not outline what you want them to do.  Paint a picture of the priorities, tools and resources at hand and give the people you meet with a chance to demonstrate exactly how they'll do the job.  Certainly, you can begin your screening process by reviewing their background, but do so with the half-full perspective of what it is you want them to do.

Worthwhile candidate's will do their homework and embelish what you've already provided arriving at the meeting prepared to get to work.  You'll see their true colors and learn not only what skills they have but also how they use them.  Exactly how they communicate concepts and tasks, what level of proficiency to they have with the numbers and just how good is their vision.

From the candidate's perspective...well, the hill just got a little steeper.  You won't be able to hide behind any vague cliche's or buzz words.  You're on stage, performing as if you were on the job.  The good news is you'll know before the "interview" if it's a job you can do, as well as a job you want.  Both parties will find themselves interviewing less and enjoying it more.

This process raises the bar for both parties, it sets a new standard of expectation and a different field to play on.  If you're new to the game, be flexible and open minded.  Enjoy operating from a different perspective knowing you won't be sitting on either side of the interview fence listening to the same old patter again and again.

Of course this is only my opinion, but itís one I value highly.

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