I sent you my resume but never heard back, what gives?

I only wish I had enough time to respond to every inquiry, resume and voice-mail I get; but there just aren't enough hours in the day. Chances are if you haven't heard back it means I can't help you -- your background doesn't fit either the search you saw advertised or the niche(s) I work in. It doesn't mean I don't love ya, it's just that I only fish in the pond where I can catch the big ones, and big is relative to my specialty.

I look for executives beginning at about $100K and above whose backgrounds are from Restaurant and Retail (bricks & mortar, catalog, e-commerce) chains of at least $50 million in revenues.

Positions I place include any title that begins with C and ends in O, President, Controller and (S or E) VP's and Directors in operations, finance, distribution/logistics, marketing, call center, technology, human resources, accounting, sales, franchising, real estate and construction.

Occasionally I'll take the road less traveled for special clients, but in general I don't place people from hi-tech, manufacturing, health care, insurance, automotive, or chinchilla farming.