VP Operations

They're "the darlings" of the QSR category with AUV's around $1.5M. This is a 35 unit franchisee who's opened 12 stores in the last three years and six are in the pipeline for the next 18-24 months.

Some help with LSM will be appreciated, but it's the people part is where the rubber hits the road for this gig. It's a simple business with a simple BOH and you'll enjoy tons of autonomy coupled with even greater amounts of accountability. You'll enjoy being able to quickly see the results from every action you take but you won't find anywhere to hide when the P&L gets finished.

It's a field based role, touching the team and the customer every day. I'm looking for that do what it takes, own the business mind set for success in this hands on role that also requires strategic planning.

Sr. Brand Marketing Manager

They're the category kings with over 300 locations worldwide. You'll touch more things in one year than you would in five years anywhere else.

  • Develop all marketing strategies for the brand message
  • Ownership of the entire digital ecosystem
  • Calendars, budgets, creative partners, PR and R&D

There's also a little quantative analysis and a ton of fun waiting in the digital space where they majority of their consumers reside. We're looking for a few years of experience in the world of franchise restaurants. Simple enough!



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