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Who is this voice on my voice mail? Where did this text message come from? Whose pithy e-mail piqued my interest? Just who in the world wide web of work is Ken Loyd?

Executive recruiter, headhunter, peddler of people and Prophet of Profit. I place middle & senior level executives in the restaurant and retail industries.

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Everyday I wear my heart on my sleeve living up to my title of "Chief Listener." You'll also find a few medals on my chest for accountability, creativity, tech savvy and fun.

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Mine is a business of relationships built on knowledge, compelling appeal and the trust found in confidentiality.

When you're looking for people or a place to work, I'm the first call you need to make.


Let's get small...

It's the new mantra for every kind of brick & mortar brand. California's passage of the $20 per hour minimum wage law makes mediocre locations underperforming en eligible for closure.

Mod Pizza, Outback Steakhouse and other brands have shut the doors on several locations. Hourly employees are offered transfers to other locations and many have received severance pay up to $2000.

Rents are on the rise and so is the price of dirt for ground up build-outs. Customer counts and average transactions are declining too.

It's the post-Covid blues and inflation angst. The guests are changing too. Boomers are retiring and the "under 40" crowd have a new set of priorities and expectations.

Your solution: Marketing. There are effecincies to be found and we'll lean-in to IT & finance to find those and work closely with marketing to insure it's easy on the operators.

Flashback to the 70's and Steve Martin's riff that makes more sense today than it did then.














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