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Who is this voice on my voice mail? Where did this text message come from? Whose pithy e-mail piqued my interest? Just who in the world wide web of work is Ken Loyd?

Executive recruiter, headhunter, peddler of people and Prophet of Profit. I place middle & senior level executives in the restaurant and retail industries.

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Everyday I wear my heart on my sleeve living up to my title of "Chief Listener." You'll also find a few medals on my chest for accountability, creativity, tech savvy and fun.

You can learn more about my road less traveled on the HYPE page. Got FAQ's? Visit the WITNESS link for a few answers. Care to pick my brain? There's not much left but you'll get a sample of my attitude on the RANTS page. Need work? You can read about what I'm working on by visiting GIGS.

Mine is a business of relationships built on knowledge, compelling appeal and the trust found in confidentiality.

When you're looking for people or a place to work, I'm the first call you need to make.


The restaurant business used to be simple. Hot food hot, cold food cold. Restaurants were akin to manufacturing -- building & delivering the same thing over and over again. That was then, this is now.

Today were thinking more about the digital space, effective use of influencers, loyalty and the products & services we offer for that first tier "customer" known also as employees.

Successful execs maintain a visible presence on LinkedIn, Instagram & Tik Tok. C-suite members and other visible execs are charged with digital brand development as a business driver.

Two great examples include Denny's and Taco Bell. They're setting the bar higher and the funny thing is...what they're doing is affordable for any size concept. Assuming the bandwidth and brainpower is in place.

It's not rocket science and anyone who's in a leadership role needs to take notice. Growing a brand is not that different from growing a career. After all, it's your "brand me" that we're talking about.

Feeling a little left behind? Call me, I can fix that.















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