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VP of Operations

If it feels like you've got too much ketchup in your restaurant blood or the links in your retail DNA chain are beat up from too many Black Friday's...then let me tell you about an opportunity to diversify your career.

All the usual suspects of inventory, labor, NSO's, LSM and P&L review are part of the equation. But it's the "staffing" part of the equation that offers the diversity. Ponder this possibility -- what if the staff paid the brand instead of the brand paying the staff?

Don't spend too much time scratching your head trying to figure this one out. Call me for a full transparent disclosure on the brand, the role & the exec team & board.

Base Compensation: high $100's & up plus perks & bennies

Location: Greater LA Area, maybe The OC?

Director of Real Estate

Deal Maker. LOI's, leases, estoppels & SNDA's are all on the menu. You'll need a little finance/reporting experience and you'll be partnering with other internal stakeholders, especially Construction.

"B" locations might work well for this "destination" retailer. Frankly, I'm amazed at the culture - plenty of warm fuzzies and plenty of accountability to balance things nicely. All company owned locations, pretty big box, upscale/loyal customer base and a rather elegant FF&E package.

It's a remote/hybrid role, you're the shepherd of the deal from inception to opening and you'll be reporting to the SVP of Development whose track record is impressive.

Base Compensation: high $100's & up plus perks & bennies

Location: any major metro market

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VP of Construction