F:&A "Finatic"

It's a hundred unit brand of company owned restaurants with strong comps, AUV's and margins with a premium product.  More on that when we speak.

You'll be leading the charge in an FP&A role that marries operations, marketing and development -- the ambassador and the architect of a highly visible position.  A big part of you job is harvesting the low hanging fruit of efficiencies across the enterprise.  It's an opportunity to build something from scratch where you'll be exposed to more things in one year than you will in five years anywhere else.

Location: Greater LA Area

Base Compensation: low $100's & up plus perks & bennies

VP Franchise Sales

They're in the "snack" category with beverages & fruit bowls with a multi-format potential including kiosks, mobile, non-trad, in-lines and malls...and maybe at a golf course, stadium or similar event space.

AUV's are hovering around $800k out of 1,000 sq. ft. or less ; the build out is very affordable and 3-5 unit "deals" are easy to put on a development schedule. Their target -- franchisees of non-competing brands, owner/operators who understand the importance of people and marketing the business.

The build-out is simple, but a little help from you on the subject of real estate will be welcome. FDD in place, lead flow is good...are you a "closer?"

Base Compensation: mid $100's plus commission and potential equity

Location: any major metro market