Director Digital Marketing

It's a $500M brand with three concepts under their roof. One big, two are small. AUV's are just under $5M for all three concepts.

There's a nice social media presence with a huge audience of followers, this role is all about getting making those followers and their friends guests. Expect to find other opportunities to develop the brand for domestic & international franchise & licensing opportunities & a presence on LinkedIn for building the team & team recognition

You'll need to know your way around navigating the metrics, analytics and all the tools required to do that part of the job. There's plenty of support from IT for everything from coding to data management -- you'll be working closely with them and other cross functional collaboration in every department.

Location: Open (remote/hybrid/travel)

Base Compensation: mid $100's plus bonus & incentives

VP Franchise Sales

They're in the "snack" category with beverages & fruit bowls with a multi-format potential including kiosks, mobile, non-trad, in-lines and malls...and maybe at a golf course, stadium or similar event space.

AUV's are hovering around $800k out of 1,000 sq. ft. or less ; the build out is very affordable and 3-5 unit "deals" are easy to put on a development schedule. Their target -- franchisees of non-competing brands, owner/operators who understand the importance of people and marketing the business.

The build-out is simple, but a little help from you on the subject of real estate will be welcome. FDD in place, lead flow is good...are you a "closer?"

Base Compensation: mid $100's plus commission and potential equity

Location: any major metro market

VP Information Technology

My client is known for being "best in class" and it's time for a strat plan to upgrade their technology stack. Everything from accounting to POS to HRIS is on the table for a review, upgrades or changes.

There's a team of 5 to help with the tactics while you map out the strategy. You'll first need to play a hands on role to learn what's in place, what's working and what's getting in the way. The strategy comes next and your vendor relationships and vision are key.

You'll be charged with leading the team, cross collaborations with other departments, budgets and presentations for the solutions. The good news...security is pretty buttoned down and not likely to be part of the plan.

Location: Somewhere in the corridor between Chicago, Denver & Dallas...?

Base Compensation: $200K and up including bonus and a handsome benefit package