Who is this voice on my voice mail? Whose cleverly crafted e-mail piqued my interest? Just what in the world wide web of work is kenloyd.com?

Recruiter, Executive Search Consultant, Head Hunter, People Peddler -- call me what you will but call when you're looking for someone or something better.

You can read more about me and the why and how of my own road less traveled on the HYPE page. Got FAQ's? Visit the WITNESS link for a few answers. Care to pick my brain? There's not much left but you'll get a sample of my attitude on the RANTS page. Need work? You can read about what I'm working on by visiting GIGS.

Employer or employee -- you'll benefit from over 20 years of experience, coast to coast in every discipline typically found in a restaurant or retail company.


National unemployment is around 4.5% - 2.5% for execs like you.  Nation's Restaurant News reports that operators are optimistic and that this year will set records for mergers & acquisitions.

What in the world wide web of work does this mean for us all? Regardless of which side of the employment fence you're on, employers and employees are going to be faced with almost too many choices in a sea of uncertainty.

This is hardly your typical "booming economy" and instead it should be thought of as a time of transition.  Transition creates opportunity and opportunity can also mean risk.

Now more than ever before, knowledge is power. If you're thinking about making a change to the team, your career or business in general -- get in touch with me.  Culure, concept and compensation conversations are a phone call away!




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